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Red Room Of The Rising Sun  (15)

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We are the lost of timeless
Hazes never found
We walk the new rays of the rising sun
In here's a heaven where no pain is found

Take away the pain of life for me
Take me where i'm numb
Take me tripping to the light i see
With magic colors of the rising sun

In here are the doors of blindness
Trails of rainbows round
Lost asylums of forgotten sons
Will you rise up will you touch your god.
The sky's slip into the rising seas
And drown your neon one
Come touch the faces of the gods you seek
In the red room of the rising sun

Is there love to save me
Or just illusion
Is there none to claim me
Just delusion

Open the doors to your mind
And hide in your dreams
The red room is laughing
The red sun is happy
Close the holes here inside
Don't believe all you think
The red room is crying
The red sun is rising
Hold on, hold on
Touch the faces of god and roll on
Into the red room
And free your neon one
Hold on, can you roll on
Fly the haze's along
Into the rising sun
And feel your neon love
Hold on, can you hold on
Oh - can you feel it shining
See it rising with the sun

Hold on, can you hold on
Oh - can you feel shining
See it rising
With this love

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