Letra de Canciones

Artista: Nelly Furtado

Miracles  (64)

En algun idioma

Turn every tear on my face to gold
Make the skin on the back of my neck turn cold
Need to feel my bare feet on your road
I will never again walk alone
If you question my faith
I’d still believe
Put a knife in my heart I wouldn’t bleed
This is brand new air that I’m breathing
I’m breathing

Show me all of your miracles
I’m totally inside your waterfall
Never felt something this real before
I believe in all your miracles

Take me up to the places you live
I know that you’ve got so much more to give
I know that you’re not meant to worship
But I’m losing my sense of control

If you question my faith
I’d still believe
I need this air so desperately so I can breathe
I feel it in my heart and my mind and my body and
I feel all your power and I’m losing all control

I’m weightless
This space is
Divine divine divine!

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