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Artista: N´Sync

I Wanna Be With You  (33)

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Nah Nah-nah Nah Nahnah Nah-nah Nahbe Together Saynah Nah-nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Nahchorusi Just Wanna Be With You, Girl That's All I Want To Doi Just Wanna Be, Be With Yougirl That's All I Want To Dogirl Your Turning Me On, Your Such A Fine Lady, Oohand Sugar More And More, Your Driving Me Crazy (crazy)it's Just What I Want, And Just What You Need,gonna Make You My Baby Make You My Babysweet Darling All I Can See, Is You And Me Chorusi Wanna Drown
In Your Love, Lead Me
To Your Waterlet It Flow,
Let It Flow Just Let It Flow Baby
(let It Flow Baby)my Love
Is Insane (sane),
Pleasure And Pain (pain)it's Part Of Life, So Live
It Up Baby (live It Up Baby)if Your Scared Of Love,
Don't Be Afraid,because Girl I'm Scared To, (do Do Do Do)

But I Gotta Have Yougonna Love You Day And Night,
I'll Treat You Right
(i'll Treat You Right)
Chorus 2x
you And Me Lets Stay Together We'll Be Together Saynah - Nah - Nah - Nah - Nah - Nah - Nah 2x Yeahchorus 2xcome And Be With Me My Baby

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