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Artista: Modern Talking

Send Me A Letter From Heaven  (408)

en Inglés

Now you are gone, the wind cries sady
I see mysteries clouds, but you'll never come back

Lady you can trust my heart, you know
I know that the love survives
Love is all what matters Girl
Love is all what matters
I'll never understand it's hard, I know

Oh God, why she lost her life
Love i s all what matters girl
Love is all what matters
Down on my knees I pray for you, baby, baby
Oh Girl no matter what I do

Send me a letter from heaven, send me a letter from heaven
Do you wait for me my girl, oh oho
Send me a letter from heaven, a little letter from heaven
Wait till I will leave this world
Oh now and forver I'll swear you love is what matters
Soon we're together, I know girl, love is all what matters

Every night I see your smile I swear
Heven just comes down to me
Love is all what matters, Love is all what matters
Baby can't you wait a while, please dare
And we have eternity
Loves is all what matters girl, love is all waht matters
Oh will You send a message to me, baby, baby

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