Letra de Canciones

Artista: Modern Talking

Maria  (489)

en Inglés

Oh Maria, Oh Maria, Oh Maria, oh, ah

Oh when she danced, and when she smiles
It's like an old, old Spanish Lullabye
And when she talks, see now her dance
It's like an old old Spanish love romance
When she's next to me
Oh it's like ecstacy

Lonely Maria, Maria, Maria
You're such a beautiful but lonely Senorita
Lonely Maria, Maria, Maria
Oh do you have the time, to kiss me oh Maria
Maria, Maria, I know
Maria I miss you so
Maria, Maria don't go
Baby I need you so

Oh when she speaks, the spanish words
It's like a fire in my soul, and it hurts
And when she moves, I cannot sleep
I think i'm strong, but I know I'm so weak
When she's next to me
Oh it's like ecstacy

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