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Artista: Modern Talking

America  (468)

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On and on, on and on

On monday morning, oceanrain was falling
And tuesday morning, many friends are caölling
Wednesday alone, staying at home
Thursday, oh I wait for you
And friday it's only one day
The weekend is coming soon

America - oh it's saturday night
America - lazter beams, and lights
America - people feel alright
America - let the party begin
America - oh it's like a dream
America - let's have some fun tonight

On monday morning, my heart feels like fire
On tuesday morning, i can feel desire
Wednesday I'm down, spinning around
Thursday love is in my eyes
And friday it's only one day
To my paradise

I just can't wait 'til Saturday
I just can't wait cause it's my day
I just can't, I just can't wait

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