Letra de Canciones

Artista: Kevin Johansen

Everybody says  (113)

en inglés

Everybody says to me ´don´t be a stranger`
Even some strangers say this phrase to me
Everybody says good morning in the morning
And when you´re eating, everybody says ´bon apetit`.

Everbody says good evening in the twilight
Please take care and don´t forget to be cool (yourelf)
Everybody says the same old kind of phrases
Wonder if everybody means the same thing

Everybody says the grass is always greener
On the other side, where you can never touch
Do the right thing and never talk to strangers
Break a leg and keep your cool, don´t mess it up

And never ever judge a book just by its cover
And whatever else you do, don´t push your luck
Everybody says the Pledge of Our Allegiance
Wonder if in the same old God we all trust…

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