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Artista: Kari Jobe

Joyfully  (169)

en inglés

You lead me by the waters still
You lay me down to rest upon Your faithfulness
My Shepherd, simply take my hand
Your song restore my soul
For Your name, You make me whole

Joyfully I lift my voice in praise to Thee
With heaven watching over me I raise my hands up high
Your majesty gently washes over me
Makes my heart begin to sing joyfully

No shadow ever shall I fear
Your peace, my heart will know
My cup it overflows
Your goodness chases after me
Your mercy and Your grace will be my dwelling place

I will sing from the mountain top
I will sing, I am overcome, I will sing making melodies
I will sing from the valley low
I will sing because of Your love, I will sing
You're my King, I will sing

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