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Artista: Insite

Through My Eyes  (58)

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Sometimes I wonder why
are you in this place
It doesn't matter how much I look again
Memories of you are in through my head
They're keeping me alive
waiting for that day

You came to my door
once again
to say hello and to say that you're back again

Look inside yor heart
you have me right there
I'll steal all the pain inside
so you wanted to cry again
cry again

I need to hear
take my life
and don't shop it to every single crowd
and see on the one way I used to watch you
well, like you're almost such a light

On your soul
I'm so high
and we're falling into the ground
and I'll teach you the sea,
all I have through my eyes
Laid on the why I love you so much
I love you so much

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