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Artista: Insite

Stay  (59)

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What can I do?? i miss you everyday
Why ?? It took my life away

This could be someone,
who makes me feel i'm
Just take my breath away
When everytime I look into your eyes
Fall in love again
Fall in love again

Stop don't leave
and i guess you're not leaving my life yet
See you everyday
Memories come passing everytime I stay

See you through your dreams
You're not here with me
When everytime i close my eyes
you're all I see

someone take my hand
come into my world
tell me what do I have to do
to make you stay
here with me
for you could listen to my heart
and say what you mean to me

What can I say?
you run through my head all day
What can I do?
It's not so without you
I dream awake
I dream that you'll come back again
to stay...

What can I do? I miss you everyday
Why it took my life away

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