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Artista: Initial D

Steel Blade  (54)

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My blood is ice, I'm a device
Nobody's lover
Let's make a bet, 'cos life is winning or losing
I feel so hot, I'll never stop
Good time is over
Let's make a bet, 'cos life is spinning like a top
But you

You make me feel hip and good, with no rules
I'll be the master the champion of the game
You're turning in my hands
Baby you'll be my

Steel blade
Thunder and spark, so shiny in the dark
And you're spinning like you'll never stopping
You never did before
Spinning more

Steel blade
You're turning fast, a countdown to the blast
And I'm hitting like I'll never lose it
One pulling and I won
Number one

Just let it be, don't take on me
I'll spin it higher
Down on your knees, 'cos life is daring or nothing
King of the hill, my look can kill
My mind's on fire
Down on your knees, 'cos life is reaching the top
But you

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