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Artista: Initial D

Sky High  (79)

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There's a place to go
Where no man's ever gone before
A place where we can be alone
We can be ourselves
Be free forever

If you want to go
Just hold my hand and we will soar
Above the sky we'll fly so high
Coz you and me
Belong to be together

Up and away
I'll take you higher
Close your eyes
We're on our way
Don't let the clouds get in the way

We'll dance with all of the stars
As we go higher
You and I
We'll reach the top
Together we will zoom away
To heaven

And when you need to go
And find a place you can stay
Where you can be who you are
You just call me
I'll be around for you

It's not impossible
Yes we can disappear from here
Oh it's my dream to have you near
Let me sweep your feet off the ground

Please let me take you way above the sky
Far away
You will be there someday
If you let me I'll take you now

And when you feel it's time
That we should fly up so high
Just close your eyes and say
Let's go and touch the moon today

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