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Artista: Initial D

Shock Out  (51)

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You set my soul on fire
You got your eyes on me
I was a freedom rider
You got no misery
Ten ways to make it happen
Ten ways to let it go
You mess around with heaven
And it's a hell so low

Hey, you, just pick up the phone
I can say it's over
My girl, your heart like a stone
Will be your toy for tonight

Shock out, baby, won't you leave me alone
I know you know that's how to sing the song
Got no respect for love in flesh and bone
Oh baby, you blew my mind away

Shock out, baby, now you're all on your own
Go fool somebody else, you won't be long
I know you'll never ever be the one
So come on baby, leave here today

I know I can't get higher
You're ready to believe
The laws of your desire
But there's no room for me
Ten ways to make it happen
Ten ways to let it go
No matter what is after
No matter what's before

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