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Artista: Initial D

Queen Of Mean  (63)

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You're the queen of mean
You're the queen of mean

Snatchin' and scratchin'
With flames of fire
That's the way you got your desire
Steamin' and screamin'
And shoutin' louder
That's your power, girl

On and on
Feeling strong
Just the one and only
Never been too kind
In your mind
Baby wake up to the world around

You're the queen of mean
Take your hands off my heart and soul
You're the queen of mean
And I think you should know by now
Queen of mean
Nothing more under your control
You're the queen of mean
Get away and just set me free

Showtime is high time
For you to shine on
I'm just the stair that you walk upon
You go pretendin'
I'm right your lover
You're mistaken, girl

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