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Artista: Initial D

Over The Rainbow  (60)

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Over the rainbow
Over the stars
Into the rainbow

[Verse 1]
I'm gonna tell you now
I wanna show you how
You can't imagine power like
You're making me hot
With your desire
[/Verse 1]

Show me the passion
You got inside
Until the storm has gone
Stickin' around me
Open your eyes
I'll show
you baby
Over the rainbow
Fellin' alright
I was lookin for love
In time for
Catchin' you baby
Over the rainbow
Over the stars
I can finally love
And as I walk
Into the rainbow

Look at me just tonight
Look at the moonlight now
Mother's awake
Love is awake
But don't be shy
Gotta believe
Gimme your fire

[Repeat Chorus]
[Repeat Verse 1]
[Repeat Chorus]

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