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Artista: Initial D

Love Is The Name Of Love  (105)

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Livin' away, day after day
Thinkin' I got it easy
And I don't care what's in the air
Thinkin' that's all about

What breaks the chains of my heart?
Feelin' the passion risin' up inside
Reachin' so high
Why don't you call?

Love is the name of love
Your heart, your kisses tell me now
Love is the name of love
I just can't lie, you just can't hide babe
Love is the name of love
My heart, my kisses tell you now
Love is the name of love
You whisper soft, I cry out loud

Try to regret, try to forget
I know that won't be easy
Baby it's you, I feel so blue
When we're so far apart

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