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Artista: Initial D

I Am Mister Blaster  (56)

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Come on, you take me babe
Because I am a hero
I feel so bad on fire
And now countdown to zero

Come on, you let me babe
You let me feel your passion
I need a lot of fire
I need a hot obession

My sentimental hot desire
You shoot me down like a gunfire
I wanna be a super hero
You give it up and take me up and down

Jungle bangle wow wow
Get the power oh - oh
I am mister blaster, Go! Go! Go!
Jungle bangle wow wow
Magic weapon oh - oh
Bad flash in the dark of night

Come on, you get me babe
Because I keep on running
Come on and catch me, lady
I need your lovely body

Come on, you touch me babe
I want to touch the rhythm
I feel a burning fire
Don't give me back my freedom

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