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Artista: Initial D

Fire On The Beat  (49)

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Get down for another ride
You'll be running around the world
Good sound and you don't know why
But you keep moving in the groove

Don't you realize that's another life
Fire right in the beat
It's like a paradise that you always find
Find it inside you and you'll see

Fire on the beat
It's your final win
When you got to hold on to the power
Fire on the beat
And you'll find your way
And you will know just what to say

Fire on the beat
Make it yours tonight
When you got to tell it to the people
Fire on the beat
And you'll find your time
To love and be yourself all right!

Don't stop it's a burning storm
I can see it's a livin' hell
Countdown and you will be born
Into the universe you tell

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