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Artista: Initial D

Doctor Love  (72)

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Help me help me doctor
I have lost my control
I'm gonna tell ya the way I'm feeling
Now I can't sleep at night
Is it love at first sight?
You got to give me the cure

She's an evil woman she's the hell
She can smile and drives you mad
Deep inside my brain into my head
I can't live without her... help me!!!

Doctor doctor love
She pushed me to the limit
Cut cut just deep inside my heart
Doctor doctor love
Take care of my emotions
Bad bad bad medicine

Doctor doctor love
I need a magic potion
Give give give it all to me
Doctor doctor love
I know you're a magician
Bad bad bad medicine

Help me help me doctor
Give me back my control
You got to take me away this feeling
Cut off my emotions
Stop all my reactions
Please help me and find me the cure

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