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Artista: Initial D

Black U.F.O  (73)

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Dream on the time
Tonight will be the magic moment to ride
The fear I've deep inside is growing
Alive and kicking out
The beat of my heart

Up in the sky
A light is shining over me and I cry
They're catchin' me but I'm not ready to fly away
I wouldn't leave, oh my god!

For your life
Don't you feel you're in danger
Gotta hide away
They're reachin' your soul

You gotta fight'em
Cos' you'll be the one
Star to star with the black U. F. O
Gotta move on
The time's goin' on
Help me baby it's the black U. F. O

Finally brave
I shoot'em cos' I wouldn't be like a slave
Their needles deep inside my fresh and bones still hurts
I don't wanna it, no more!

Jump in the fight
And crash away the little green men tonight
They're catchin' you but you don't wanna fly away
This place's yours oh my lord

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