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Artista: Initial D

Adrenaline (Manuel)  (70)

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Come to the show
Let your power take me high and higher
Wanna be a star tonight

Step on the gas
If you wanna see the race I'm ready
I'm gonna be so crazy!

Yes - I'm ready!
Got - no reason
To be losing control and power
Want to keep my wheel
'Cause I really feel
Into my body

You will follow the race tonight my babe
I want to let you know
Ready to go wanna fight wanna light your fire
There is nothing to do 'cause I got the power
I wanna run and go
Ready to show gonna race
Gonna face your lovin'

Back to the show
'Cause I'm ready to relight your fire
Wanna take you out tonight
Spin like a top
Let your body get around and 'round you
You'll gonna be my lady

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