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Artista: Good Charlotte

Change  (504)

en Inglés

I am lost in this see-through,
I think you lost yourself too.
Through out all of this confusion,
I think we'll somehow make it through.
Each day just drags on by,
bringing with you a new line.
Just when I think I could die.
You come and bring me back to life
and you said..

You can't change the way you feel.
But you can't tell me this ain't real,
cause this is real.
and in the end this is all I got.
So I'm gonna hold, gonna hold
on and on and on and on and on.

And now you've got me watching your eyes.
got me waiting just to see.
If it goes the way it never will,
your eyes are watching me.
Oh, and I practice all things I'd say,
to tell you how I feel.
But when I finally get my chance,
It'll all seem so surreal.
And now you've got me thinking about
the first time that I met you,
and now I can't forget you,
now I won't forget you.
And you said..


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