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Artista: Gilberto Gil

Refarm  (110)

en inglés

Oh, avocato tree
The Eternal Life is sending me
On the task of speaking to you
Words of paciency
I bring the lion
And the duck as country fellows
May they tell you many fairy tales
Avocato tree

Oh, avocato tree
The Eternal Life is knowing
How misleading technology
Has been to us, so far
We can see
Devastation in the forest
Desolation in the city
We can feel destruction in the air

Oh, avocato tree
Although the picture is so dark
And the blue sky is no longer blue
Oh, don't be sad, and never
Let the dead leaves of Automn time
Be the only choice for you

Spring is coming
Somewhere in the future
In the Universal Vegetal Union
Avocato tree
Let our free wings
Fly together over lands
Of Rebirth in a Refarm
In a world of Fantasy

Refarm is a dream land
In Tennessee
Where they grow a dream
Avocato tree

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