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Artista: Gilberto Gil

From Japan  (103)

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From Japan
I want a camera that can film my summer dreams
And make a movie of my secret life
I'll leave my body in an astral crystal rain
And take a picture of my heart at night
I want an automatic focus for my mind
Make an album of the thoughts that I deserve to find
All those illusions that depend on lies
And all the beauty when we dream in vain

From Japan
I want a caramel and cocoa supertrain
That travels faster than the speed of light
A new computer that can take away my pain
And play me reggae when it's feeling right
I want to meditate inside the temple doors
Talk to samurais about the past and future wars
They'll tell me how to find the rising sun
I'll see the prototype of future love

From Japan
I want a geisha that can change my attitude
Show me desires that I never knew
We'll take a plane to a forbidden altitude
Without a pilot knowing what to do
We'll go to live together in another world
Not the Third World, not the Fourth World, not the Seventh World
To where the ruler is an ancient bird
The royal feather, our holy word

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