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Artista: Becky G

Crazy For You  (18)

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You don't know what you do
When you talking like that
Got me feeling all woo!
All the girls stand back, stand back, stand back
I wanna show you whats going on in my head
There ain't nothing with a little naughty
I think we both know why i came to call it
I ain't gon' leave till i have your body on me
You're trying so hard to keep your composure
Tracing my hips so watch 'em go slower
I can see that you're losing control, yeah
But 'cha know know know boy, know know know boy
It's crazy? Cuz I'm a little bit crazy
I don't want you to save me, baby, don't you save me
Cause I'm cray-cray-cray-crazy for ya
Cause I'm cray-cray-cray-crazy for ya

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