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Artista: Angel

Ultra High Heels  (18)

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Ooh yeah.. oh baby

That wonderful day
The day that you came
That you came into my heart
You looked in my eyes
And asked me if i
Would share one sweet kiss with you

After that day
It won't go away
I wake up and think of you
I need you to know
I want you to stay
Stay with me for always

Don't you know
That i need you, baby please
Don't you know
That i'm begging for your love

I just wanna tell you
Tell you that i love you
Oh i just can't help it
I just wanna scream it
Baby, can't you hear me
Hear me when i'm saying "baby please"
Oh darling
Maybe for a moment
Maybe for forever
I just wanna hold you
I just want to know you

Tell me baby, tell me baby

Ooh yeah... oh baby
Tell me that you love me

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