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Artista: Almighty

Hell To Pay  (28)

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It's hard to believe when your dead inside
It's hard to believe that it's good to be alive
Well I've been down so long
and now I wanna break free
Wanna break these chains
they keep puttin' on me
How long will the rain
keep fallin' down on me
Cause I got something to say
When I get outta here
There'll be hell to pay


Hell to pay
Hell to pay
When you come my way
There'll be hell to pay

I've loved many and trusted few
I been f**ked up and crazy too
A blonde b*tch came to ease my mind
We got it on and I'm feeling fine
You think you're so righteous
lookin' down on me
You wanna kiss my ass
but when my back is turned
You wanna see me bleed
You wanna see me burn
And there'll be...


I lose my mind so I can talk to the mindless
I take my love anyway I find it
Caught in the West End colours in my head
Screamin' at the asphalt to take me to bed
You bought yourself a little mercy for a while
Well I'm a serpent God with a love tattoo
Son of a b*tch let loose on you
And there'll be...


Hell to pay
Hell to pay
When you come my way
They'll be hell to pay
Well you can take my heart
Take my soul
But you better start believing that I want it all
Or there'll be hell to pay

How long will the rain keep falling down on me
Man, I don't give two f**ks what you say
Cause when I get outta here there'll be
Hell to pay


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